Paper tube for shaft sleeve motor transformer

Wellele custom small tubes cardboard tubes paper tube Phenolic tube ID4mm to ID60mm .

Phenolic tube protection paper tubes product is made by using insulated winding paper as the substrate, phenolic resin as the adhesive, and heating, rolling, baking, and curing. The product has good dielectric property in dry state and is suitable for Polishing machine, electric tool, cutting machine, electric drill, electric saw motor insulation isolation cylinder motor protection paper tube in dry environment and transformer oil Phenolic tube as insulating structural parts of electrical equipment

Appearance of phenolic paper tube

The surface should be flat and free from defects such as delamination, bubbles, and edges. The inner wall should have slight wrinkles, bubbles, and core mold indentation that do not affect the vertical voltage resistance. The end face should be cut neatly, and those with a wall thickness of 13mm or more are allowed to have slight cracks on the end face.

Phenolic tube Experimental method:

Appearance and color: evaluated by eye observation.

⑵ Size and allowable deviation: According to GB/T5132.

The mechanical processing performance shall be determined according to the agreement between the supply and demand parties.

(4) Thermal stability, bending strength, and loss factor shall be tested according to JB/T3172.

(5) The vertical and parallel layer voltage resistance shall be tested in accordance with GB/T1408.

(6) Others shall be executed according to GB/T5132 and JB/T3172.

phenolic tube suppliers Application prompt:

Laminated paper tube have different properties from metals and should be processed according to JB/Z141.

⑵ Laminated paper tube have low thermal conductivity, so small feed and high cutting speed should be used during mechanical processing.

⑶ Laminated paper tube are prone to moisture after processing, so they should be soaked and coated with insulation paint for moisture-proof treatment.

During the mechanical processing of laminated paper tube, a large amount of dust and odor are easily generated, so ventilation, dust removal, and labor protection for workers should be strengthened.

(5) phenolic tube suppliers are processed by dry method, which can easily affect their dielectric properties due to wet method (water cooling).

matters needing attention

During product storage and transportation, attention should be paid to moisture-proof and moisture-proof measures.

In a dry and well ventilated environment, the storage period of the product is 1 year.

⑶ The product can still be used after passing the storage period and passing the inspection