vulcanized fiber rod

vulcanized fiber rodvulcanized fiber rod vulcanized fiber rod is a very hard, dense homogeneous material possessing a wide range of favorable properties. In its initial stage, Franklin Fibre is processed very much like a high-grade rag insulating paper, but without the addition of sizing. It is then treated with zinc chloride, which changes the structure […]

vulcanized fiber tube

Vulcanized fiber (fish paper) tube is produced from a cotton rag base paper. This is a dense material of partially regenerated cellulose in which the fibre structure is retained Application:Used widely for electrical fuses, where the quenching and insulating properties of the vulcanized fiber core and high strength. Commonly used in “cut-out” fuses,arc extinguishing,Fuses,circuit breaker […]

vulcanized fiber sheets

Vulcanized Fibre     Vulcanized Fiber sheets  is made from a number of plies of paper, depending on the thickness required. The plies are passed through a bath of Zinc Chloride, an acid. The Zinc Chloride bath makes the surfaces of the individual fibers, which make up the paper, gummy and sticky. These gummy plies of […]