Mesh Net Sanding Discs-WELL Abrasives

Mesh Net Sanding Discs is made of red or green vulcanized fiber and high-purity silicon carbide abrasive, and reinforced with a layer of glass fiber mesh.
Mesh Net Sanding Discs Applicable to angular sander, can be used in shipbuilding, automotive, aviation, machinery, instrumentation, bridge and construction industry and furniture metal and non-metallic materials, various types of surface derusting, paint removal, deburring.polishing welds etcs .
vulcanized fiber abrasives disc are also called abrasives disc , high-speed disc.

Mesh Net Sanding Discs product is an organic coated abrasive made of high-quality abrasives and high-strength steel paper as the base material and bonded with high-quality synthetic resin. The product is moderately rigid, sharp and wear-resistant.

Mesh Net Sanding Discs Installed on electric or pneumatic portable angle grinder, widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, bridge, construction, light industry and other industries, suitable for grinding welds, burrs, derusting, paint removal and polishing, the highest use Line speed 80 m / s

Mesh Net Sanding Disc
Mesh Net Sanding Disc size
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