National vulcanized fibre co trunk

National Vulcanized Fibre Co. buited

NVF Co. ; National Fibre and Insulation Co. ; Vulcanized Fibre Co. ; American Vulcanized Fibre Co.PLACEWilmington, Delaware, United StatesNOTES CONTENTcirca 1920s-1930s catalogs for Silent Gears made from Phenolite, a brand of laminated Bakelite ; Laminar vulcanized fibre seamless roving cans ; barrels ; mill baskets ; mill boxes ; clad boxes ; warehouse cars or trucks ; waste baskets .
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Many people are more and more fond of collecting National Vulcanized Fibre Company Steamer Trunk

NVF Although it has been dissolved for some reason, Now WEIHE ELECTRIC CO,LTD still provide excellent vulcanized fibre sheet products for many customers of NVF.

what is vulcanized fibre use?

Vulcanized Fibre can be used for washers, insulating plates, switch and appliance insulation, electric motor insulation, gaskets, automobile parts, luggage, patterns, and many other applications. Its properties include:

  • High Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Resistance to Heat and Cold, superior to most plastics
  • Light Weight, Half the weight of Aluminum
  • Excellent Electrical Properties
  • Good Arc Resistance
  • Excellent Tear Resistance
  • Can be Machined with Standard Tools
  • Available in Rolls and Coils for easy automatic punching