vulcanized fiber gasket mesons end plate

vulcanized fiber gasket mesons end plate Vulcanized fibre could be a laminated plastic composed of solely polyose. the fabric could be a powerful, resilient, corneous material that’s lighter than metallic element, more durable than animal skin, and stiffer than most thermoplastics.,it have insulation and sensible arc ending performance 。 The newer wood-laminating grade of cured fibre is employed to strengthen wood laminations employed in skis, skateboards, support beams and as a sub-laminate beneath skinny wood veneers.

RED vulcanized fiber fish paper is an insulating material with excellent elasticity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, insulation performance, and new machining capabilities. Has low ash content, certain water absorption, electrical strength, smooth surface, and high toughness. Suitable for various transformer, electrical, and motor insulation components. We also custom process white, gray, and black vulcanized fiber gasket.

In addition, our company also processes washers, fiber gasket , fiber mesons, and end plates
Motor gasket, graphite nylon gasket, graphite nylon clamp ring, graphite nylon gasket, adjustment gasket, special-shaped gasket, insulation stopper for micro motors, non-metallic Huasi, nylon meson, oil baffle, red steel paper gasket, fast paper gasket, bakelite gasket, epoxy plate gasket, mica gasket, plant fiber wool felt gasket, and other insulation gaskets. Main performance: wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, anti-static, low noise, anti-corrosion, extended service life, and other functions. The selected materials include: polyesterester (POLYSETER), graphite nylon (POLYSLIDER), PAPER, PEEK, plantfiber (PLANTFIBER), wool (WOOL; FIBER), insulation (INSULATING), electric board (PHENLOID; RESINS; LAMINATES), fiberglass board, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), teflon (TEFON), molybdenum nylon (MOS2). Graphite nylon sheet, molybdenum nylon (molybdenum disulfide) nylon sheet, PA6 nylon sheet, PA66 nylon sheet, etc. Sheet thickness: 0.13mm to 2.0mm, width to be cut according to customer needs. The products are mainly used in micro motor motors, electronics, household appliances, industrial equipment parts, automation equipment, etc.

We manufacture commonplace  fibre gasket {as we have a tendency as metric fibre washers we
also manufacture all non commonplace sizes fibre washers as well as m5, M10
12, M20, M30 are all promptly obtainable we’ve stocks of 1/2″ Fibre
Washers moreover as 3/4 fibre gasket used principally for plumbing applications.
All imperial sizes are promptly obtainable to be factory-made