Electric grade- fish paper

Electrical insulating  Vulcanized Fiber / Fishpaper

vulcanized fiber spacer material 


Vulcanized Fiber  also  electrical   fish paper    Electrical insulating grade  alternative materials to produce die cut parts, gaskets and seals, and other products used in many automotive, electrical, and mechanical applications, as well as in lighting fixtures, transformers, and many small appliances.

Our   vulcanized fiber insulation  / electrical fish paper gc electronics 560 fibroid fish paper electrical insulation  can utilize one or any combination of our in-house manufacturing capabilities from engineering, design, to vulcanized fiber spacer material will  die-cutting, waterjet cutting, fabrication, laminating, and vulcanized fiber gasket material slitting.

fibroid fish paper electrical insulation  Applications

Vulcanized Fiber / electrical fish paper Automotive Applications
• Electrical Insulation
Fuse Tubes benefit from Vulcanized Fibre’s arc extinction properties
• Circuit breakers
• Lightening arresters
• Bushings for motor contacts make use of Vulcanized Fibre’s combination of physical and electrical strengths
• Railroad track insulation
• Welding Masks
• End Laminations for electric motors
Electrical Appliances
• Electrical Instruments
• Electrical Devices