Common grade-Vulcanized fibre

vulcanized fibre red vulcanized fibre sheet,vulcanized fibre density,grey vulcanized fibre   common grade Vulcanized fibre could be a laminate material shaped by the reaction and crosslinking of pure polysaccharide cotton in an exceedingly metal chloride acid tub. Vulcanized fibre possesses high tensile and tear strength, glorious arc resistance, and each sensibleelectrical and mechanical properties wherever wet isn’t an element. 

      red vulcanized fibre sheet,grey vulcanized fibre ,Vulcanized fibre cured fibre is out there and in tube, rod, strip, and sheets in an exceedingly style of thicknesses. Vulcanized fibre Sheet is out there within the colours black, grey, and red white . skinny versatilecured fibre has superior electrical properties and conjointly superior bending qualities. Vulcanized fibre cured fibre is straight forward to machine, and contains a most in operation temperature of 400º F.

       Vulcanized fibre  simply bent, sawed, sheared, punched, milled, turned, and trained. Vulcanized fibre  conjointly insoluble in standard solvents and unaffected by alcohol, ether, ammonia, turpentine, naptha, benzene, and rock oil. 

      All Vulcanized fibre Seals ,Vulcanized fibre strip ,Vulcanized fibre roll and Vulcanized fibre spaces can die cut and machine to your exact
red vulcanized fibre sheet,grey vulcanized fibre

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