Common grade-Vulcanized fibre

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 Color type of vulcanized fiber

Ordinary grade vulcanized fiber  are usually customized in red vulcanized fiber sheets, black vulcanized fiber , black green, dual colors, white, and gray vulcanized fiber . It is considered a laminated plastic material, made by reacting and cross-linking 100% cotton 4 in a zinc chloride solution pool. Vulcanized fibers have high tensile and tear strength, excellent arc resistance, and various sensitive electrical and mechanical properties in humid environments.

Vulcanized fiber density, flexibility  and chemical properties 

The  vulcanized fiber density is 1.4. Cured fibers of vulcanized fibers exist in tubes, rods, strips, and sheets with extremely rich thickness. Fine multifunctional fibers have excellent electrical properties and excellent bending properties. The cured fibers of vulcanized fibers enter the machine directly, with a maximum operating temperature of 400 º F. Sulfurized fibers are insoluble in standard solvents and are not affected by alcohol, ether, ammonia, turpentine, naphtha, benzene, and rock oil

Vulcanized fiberboard processing 

All Vulcanized Fiberboard seals, vulcanized fiber strips, vulcanized fiber rolls, and vulcanized fiber spaces can be die-cut and machined, simply bending, sawing, shearing, punching, milling, turning, and shaping