semi flexible sanding discs

semi flexible sanding discs are also called Grooving sand discs slotted sand discs. The substrate is high-strength red steel paper and the abrasive is high-purity silicon carbide. The holes are more conducive to heat dissipation. It is mainly used for sanding marble, concrete and wind turbines (FRP).

In the production process, grooved sand discs of various geometric shapes are pressed on the grinding surface of the sand disc, which is characterized in that various geometric shapes with chip removal and heat dissipation functions are made on the grinding surface of the sand disc.

There are various specifications and models of the grooved sand plate, with the inner holes and eight flowers turning outward, the inner holes and eight flowers flat shape, slotted semi-planted sand and flat semi-planted sand.
Scope of application: for non-metal, such as stone, cement, ceramics, glass and other industries; metal grinding, such as shipbuilding, derusting, deburring and other processing

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