vulcanized fibre sheets

vulcanized fibre sheets : Thickness 0.6mm to 60mm ,size:1220*1000,1600*1200mm ;Color:red .grey,white,black,dark green inquire now ...

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vulcanized fibre tubes

vulcanized fibre tubes :ID5mm to ID80mm,Thickness:0.8mm up

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vulcanized fiber strip washer rods…

vulcanized fibre strip washer rods...: vulcanized fiber Its may OEM any shape washers gask

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Weihe Manufacturer Supplier vulcanized fibre (Fish paper) sheet tube rod strip washers etc

About Weihe vulcanized fibre sheets, coils, tubes, and rods

Solutions for your vulcanized fibre,vulcanized fibre sheet tube strip washers needs: Our application engineers and manufacturing experts work together with your technical and operations teams. Together, we create the best size solutions for your used for parts such as for barriers, abrasive-disk backing, high-strength bobbin heads, materials-handling equipment, railroad-track insulation, and athletic guards.. Therefore, not only can we build the electrical or machining you need。 You then save time and reduce cost.

Diverse product line: First, our product line is diverse. Lamination and continuous production and more machining .Electrical insulation ,Commercial,Flexible,Abrasive,Bobbin,Hermetic,Shuttle,Pattern grade .Weihe can using standard practices for cutting, punching, tapping, milling, shaping, sanding, etc etcs needs. Second, our products are built to demanding standards by a team of people who understand your specific application requirements.

Quality and flexibility in manufacturing: Our vulcanized fibre manufacturing facilities are highly flexible and attuned to problem solving. Our manufacturing staff, working with our engineering team, will help define the most effective solutions to your in thickness color size hardness and process. We will work with your teams to meet technical, cost, and delivery requirements.

Certifications: WeiHe Vulcanized Fiber Factory is ISO 9001:2008 certified and SGS

vulcanized fibre production line

vulcanized fibre production line

vulcanized fibre production line